Consumer buying behaviour has been changing with high awareness and easy access information availability. Packaging plays an important role for brand owners to portrait brand identity, personality as well as being marketing space to communicate to consumers. Adhesive, in this aspect, comes in with essential role as one of the materials that makes packaging as per its design and purposes to add value to the brands. Good adhesives are able to maintain and provide adhesion performance in the environment and conditions those packaging stored in. For example, under high heat in the warehouse or under cool temperature in the refrigerator or freezer. Selic packaging adhesive range include:

  • Vegamelt: Hot melt adhesive for corrugated box
  • Intensity: Hot melt adhesive for packaging box with shiny surfaces
  • Intensity: Adhesive for straw attachment on UHT box
  • Icetech: Easy wash adhesive for glass bottle labelling with cold water resistance property
  • Minerva: Adhesive for Plastic bottle labelling


The challenges of footwear industry are not only the evolving of the product design or keeping up with the trend, but durability and comfortability - the ability to withstand the weight of the users while conforming to the contour of the foot for the perfect fit, also are the quality traits required by both manufacturers and users. Selic WorldTM one of the brands offer its adhesion that provide durability to ensure each pair of shoes contains both design and quality to the end users.


The furniture industry utilises many different types of adhesives. Selic adhesives were designed specifically for furniture related applications from the ground up, as well as to accommodate the vast array of practices for industrial users on a continuous basis. Selic furniture grade adhesives come in 3 different types, namely our world-class hot melt, water based, and solvent based grades. The reason for having multiple types is because each process in the manufacturing of furnitures requires an adhesive with a specific set of characteristics, such as the requirement to use hot melt adhesives with a specific woodworking machinery to produce furnitures, sofas, and beds.

Automotive parts

Research and development is the key to create and develop products that can address and fulfil customers' business needs and ultimately business growth. Dedication, focus and promotion of research and development will result in innovations that offer impactful benefits to business, society and the economy as a whole.

Our R&D are not just a mere concept but we give its priority by investing both in specialists and facilities including top rank laboratory equipments. Our research facility includes adhesive labs and analytical lab that can perform application and product simulated tests. At Selic, we breath innovation

Other Industry

Adhesives are an important component in many industries, such as Textiles, Print & Publications, Electronics, Construction, or Electrical Appliance industries
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Research and Development

Research and development is the key to inventing and developing products that can fulfil the customer's business needs to the hilt. Dedication and promotion behind research and development work will bear fruit to innovations that offer impactful benefits to business, society and the economy as a whole.

At Selic, we not only just promote the concept of research and development but we invest in specialists, tools and equipment to the fullest. The result is a world class research facility with an analytical lab that is filled with cutting edge machines for running analysis in conjuction with product simulated tests.
At Selic, innovation is our heart and soul.

Quality Assurance

At Selic, we have a fully integrated quality management system, which allows our clients to have the confident and trust that every step of the process, from the receiving of raw materials through to the production and delivery of finished products, is strictly controlled and adheres to our rigorous standards. Our one and only goal is to deliver quality products. Today, Selic is certified with a number of International Standards, namely ISO 9001: 2008 ISO14001: 2004 OHSAS 18001: 2007.