Water Based Adhesive

What is waterbased adhesive?

Waterbasted adhesive is made with synthetic or natural polymer. It is water soluble and presented in liquid form. They are ready-to-use and versatile so they can be used with paper, foil, glass, PVC, plastic, wood, and metal. Generally waterbased adhesives are safe for line operators, end-users and the environments. The way this type of adhesive works is that the glue is applied onto the surface, compress and allow the glue to set. As the water content slowly evaporates a thin film of glue is formed to bond both surfaces together.

Hot Melt Adhesive

Types of waterbased adhesive

There are many industries that use waterbased type adhesives such as food and beverage, furniture, packaging, carpetmaking, woodworking, handicraft, and labeling. Brands of waterbased adhesive products (industrial adhesives) include IcetechTM and DeltabondTM..

Water Based Adhesive

Icetech™ is a special range of waterbased adhesive that has been especially designed and developed to bond paper labels to glass. With its multiple features and performance benefits, Icetech™ is well accepted by top beverage producers in Thailand and overseas. Icetech™ is perfect for energy drink bottle labeling, alcoholic beverages as it possess high iced water resistance property and can be washed off easily in the recycling process.

Water Based Adhesive

Deltabond™ is another range of waterbased adhesives that can be used to bond many types of surface materials. Applications can range from cardboard sealing to wood lamination. In addition Deltabond™ is widely used in factories that produce toilet papers, envelopes, beverages, food, furniture and wooden products.

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