SELIC Reports Its 2020 Performance with Net Profit of 89.31 Million Baht Making a New High – Dividends of 0.0454 Baht per Share and Stock Dividends of 3.2999:1 share

08 Mar 2021 | Admin

Bangkok : Selic Corp Public Company Limited (SELIC) has reported strong 2020 performance with Net Profit of 89.31 million Baht breaking its operational record in profitability. Its Q4/20 performance reported growth in net profit of 22.87 million Baht increase 68.3% compared to same period last year. 'Mr. Ek Suwatthanaphim', Chief Executive Officer, and 'Ms. Yuwadee Aiamsontisup', Managing Director, imparted that the growth in net profit is the result of the company's determination to grow amidst numerous challenges. Board of Director has approved dividends payment in stock dividends of 3.2999:1 share and cash of 0.0454 Baht per share.


Mr. Ek Suwatthanaphim unveiled the financial result in the last 3 months of 2020 (Q4/20) reporting net profit of 22.87 million Baht increased 68.3% from the same period of previous year. Revenue reported at 322.82 million Baht and EBITDA was 48.43 million Baht 24% growth year on year. The growth in its Q4 performance reflecting the company's determination to grow amidst numerous challenges.



For the full year 2020, SELIC reported net profit of 89.31 million Baht increase by 4.1% compared to FY2019 which breaking its net profit record and making a new high. The total revenue reported at 1,260 million Baht composed of 43% from adhesive segment and 57% from self-adhesive label segment.



"The results in 2020 has shown our determination to get through challenges with growth. As for 2021, we believe, will be a better year for all as there are already positive signs such as COVID-19 vaccination programs in many countries, better COVID-19 preventative measures, businesses adapting to changing economic situations, and digital adoption both in personal and business more than ever", says Ek Suwatthanaphim.



Consequently, the Board of Directors also approved a 2020 dividend to its shareholders with stock dividends (3.299987 share per share) and cash (0.0454 Baht per share). The XD (Exclude Dividend) date is on 29 April 2021 and the record date for the right to receive dividends is on 30 April 2021. The annual general meeting will be held on 22.04.21 on 7th floor of Thongtara Hotel, Bangkok.



Lastly, Ms. Yuwadee Aiamsontisup adds that 2021 key focus will continue to be monitoring closely on the economic movement and identify the growth industry sectors. Another key focus is being agile in order to adapt and act quickly to align with the changes of the situation both on marketing and supply chain management.