Solvent Based Adhesive

What is solventbased adhesive?

กาวซอลเวนท์ หรือกาว solvent based มีลักษณะเป็นของเหลว กาวประเภทนี้มีส่วนผสมของตัวทำละลายประเภท solvent ในกลุ่มของน้ำมันหรือทินเนอร์ โดยสารละลาย solvent จะละลายส่วนผสมต่างๆ ในเนื้อกาวในเข้ากัน และหลังจากที่ทากาวลงบนพื้นผิววัสดุแล้ว สารละลาย solvent จะระเหยออกไปหมดเหลือแต่เนื้อกาวที่ยึดติดชิ้นงาน

solvent based Adhesive

Types of solventbased adhesive

We offer a variety of solvent based adhesives that come in different bases including polyurethane, neoprene, grafted neoprene, and SBR. We cater for a number of industries such as footwear, leather, automotive, construction, furniture and handicraft.

Brands of solvent based adhesives include WORLD, KOAT, ZICCO, A90 and POLYNON

PU adhesive

PU adhesive has excellent bonding property and can be used on many substrates for example leather, synthetic leather, rubber, EVA, phylon, PVC and fabric. To enhance its bonding strength and shorten the setting time, hardener can be mixed into the adhesive. Using it in conjuction with a hardener also improves the glue's ability to resist moisture, heat or cool temperatures.

Laminating adhesive

This type of adhesive is suitable for laminating plywood, wood pieces and MDF. The glue is viscous, smooth and easy to spread, making it ideal for hand application where precision and speed come first.

Shoe adhesive

Our range of shoemaking adhesives consist of neoprene, grafted neoprene and PU types. each type is suitable for different functions of shoemaking and shoerepairing, such as uppers, sole attachment. To strengthed the adhesion results, we recommend using our adhesive with Selic cleaner, primers and hardener.

Leather adhesive

Adhesive suitable for bonding leather with applications such as upholstery, bagmaking, belt and shoemaking.

Insulation adhesive

Adhesive that is resistant to high heat or very cold conditions with strong bonding power for durability. Suitable pipe and wall insulation.

Grafted neoprene adhesive

Grafted neoprene adhesive or grafted adhesive" is generally more special than standard neoprene adhesive. The grafting process upgrades the adhesive's ability to delay or prevent the oil-migration effect of the material surface as well as improving the bonding strength. It can be used to bond a number of materials including leather, PVC, rubber, synthetic leather and foam. With grafted adhesive the bond is longer-lasting and stronger, and most importantly, it can withstand plasticizer quite effectively. Grafted adhesive has longer open time which can benefit specialist shoemakers especially when precision and craftsmanship cannot be compromised.

As an ISO 9001:2015 accredited company, plus a few decades of experience behind us, our customers have complete confidence in Selic's ability to delivery excellent solvent based products. We have built our reputation slowly over the years by being passionate about what we do and by offering our customers quality, reliability, and reassurance. Nowadays our solvent based products are widely used by the leading leather and footwear manufacturers at home and abroad.