About Selic

Selic Corp Public Company Limited was founded in 1979 as an adhesive manufacturer with the most advanced technology from Japan at the time. The focus of the establishment was to offer adhesive to the leather and footwear industries in Thailand. With the company determination and strong focus on research and development, today, Selic has become a local company that has proven its expertise and reliability to customers both domestic and international markets and across various industries such as Leather & Shoes, Furnitures, Packaging & Labelling for Food & Beverage, Printing, Woodworking and Automotive parts etc. Our strong focus in providing the best solutions to match our customer's needs has been driven by our professional team not only our strong technical expertise but service excellence.

Company Background

Selic Corp Public Company Limited was registered on 29th June 2012. The newly registered company was formed as a result of the consolidation between Selic Chemical Limited and EVA Manufacturing Limited, in which both companies were founded by the Suwatthanaphim Family, whose experience span 30 years in the adhesive and adhesive-related chemicals business.

Presently, our portfolio has been expanded in order to provide a better coverage of other major industries, such as Furniture, Food & Beverage, Construction, Packaging, Woodworking, Automotive, and Textile. Both our office and manufacturing plant are located on 270 Liapkhlongphasicharoenfangtai Road, Nongkhaem, Bangkok.

In 2016, the company was listed on the Stock Exchange of Thailand under the Market for Alternative Investments (mai) and changed the status of the company to "Public Company Limited" with a registered capital of 140 million Baht or 280 million shares in which 100 million Baht or 200 million shares had been paid for.


to meet customers' business needs

A Thai company that operates in the adhesive industry under a vision of becoming a global leader in adhesive technologies through innovation. Our goal is to deliver the great customer experiences with our holistic adhesive solutions that will support and add value to our customers' business growth. Today, we have offered our products and services to our customers in various industries both domestic and international markets. Our customer portfolios include well known and major companies in various sectors such as Footwear, Food and Beverages, Furniture, Automotive parts and others. International networks span over 27 countries in Asia, Africa, Middle East, South America and Australia New Zealand.


Bonding Innovation for Better Living


Improve quality of life and enrich well-being of stakeholders through being responsive, innovative and collaborative, with responsibility for the environment


We focus and encourage innovation in continuous research and development through innovation process and concepts that focus on value creation of new product and services development which is the growth driver of the company.
We committed to provide products and services that meet our customers' needs to create an exceptional customer experience and to ensure that our products and services are utilized and value added at the most.

Core Value

Positive Thinking

Quality Certification

We have been certified with ISO 9001: 2015 and ISO 14001: 2015 as a result of our effort to develop our standard of work and improve both our core and environement management systems. In addition to this, we were also certified OHSAS 18001: 2007 Occupational Health and Safety Management System. These standards can support the expansion of our customer base into European countries, which, in turn, would contribute to the continuous growth of our revenue.

Awards and Recognitions

Certificate of Membership Thailand’s Private Sector Collective Action Coalition Against Corruption (CAC) 11/10/2561 2561
National Occupational Safety & Health Awards 2018 10/9/2561 2561
Prime Minister’s Export Award 2018, Best Green Innovation 24/8/2561 2561
Prime Minister’s Export Award 2017, Best Exporter 30/8/2560 2560
Prime Minister’s Export Award 2017, Best Thai Brand 30/8/2560 2560
Innovation Organization: Industry 6/10/2560 2560
Thailand's Trusted Quality Mark 2560 10/10/2560 2560
SME National Awards 8th 13/3/2559 2559
National Occupational Safety & Health Awards 2016 30/6/2559 2559
The Prime Minister's Industry Award 2016, Small and Medium Industries Management 26/7/2558 2558
Green Industry, Level 3: Green System 17/3/2558 2558