SELIC Unveils its Excellent Score for Preventative Measures against COVID-19 from the Corporate Health Check Report of Thaipat Institute

30 Apr 2020 | Admin

Selic Corp Public Company Limited (SELIC) received an excellent score in the Thaipat Institute’s Corporate Health Check Report for its impressive response to COVID-19. The company has implemented a preventative measure to deal with COVID-19, which covers all stakeholders, i.e. employees, customers, partners, communities, regulators and shareholders. The Excellent result from the Corporate Health Check Report of Thaipat indicates the good governance of the company in conducting business and focus on sustainability development.
Ms. Yuwadee Aimsontisup, Managing Director of Selic Corp Public Company Limited (SELIC), divulged that the group was grateful for the excellent score obtained from the COVID-19 Corporate Health Check conducted by Thaipat Institute. The level of responsiveness is a reflection of comprehensive operations that prioritize stakeholders and promote sustainability development of the organization.
In this regard, Thaipat Institute has conducted the COVID-19 Corporate Health Check in order to evaluate COVID-19 response and preventative measures implemented on 6 groups of stakeholders, including employees, customers, partners, regulators, communities, and shareholders. The total score of each group was 5.
According to the report, SELIC received five out of five for its measures to mitigate impact on employees, customers, regulators, and communities, while the measures implemented on the groups of shareholders and partners were entitled to 4.5 and 4 scores respectively. The average of all categories was 4.75 out of 5, accounting for 95%. Therefore, the company received an excellent score for its outstanding measures to handle COVID-19.
Ms. Yuwadee added that the company has always kept in mind how important all stakeholders are. The top priority and most intimate group is the employees. Measures to minimize impact on employees included body temperature check before entering the premise, campaigns to encourage wearing of face masks, social distancing, hand washing practices, provision of alcohol sanitizer at all building entry points, and no travel policy. Moreover, the company also provides aCOVID-19 insurance coverage for all employees, two-way communication platform, In addition, there is also a procedure to screen COVID-19 symptoms through temperature check and health assessment questionnaires to all visitors entering the premise and special working team to support etc.
In this regard, Thaipat Institute has published the report on its website and available media platforms as to recognize the company as a best practice and case study.